I was invited to create the illustration for "El orígen de la tierra" (The origin of earth) which is part of  '68 Voces 68 corazones', a series of animated short stories written and narrated in indigenous languages. The project series seeks not only to help promote Mexico's 68 indigenous languages but to foster pride, knowledge and respect amongst speakers and non speakers under the premise that “nadie puede amar lo que no conoce” (no one can love what they don’t know).
Translation and voice-over: Viviana Romero, Valeria Jusacanea Romero
Illustration: Ximena Ruiz del Rio 
Direction and Production: Gabriela Badillo / COMBO
Animation: COMBO / Eduardo Olvera
Music: Enrique Quiroz / Biovo

Audio Design: Wetback / Igor Figueroa 

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